Literacy Narrative Reflection

It’s a hard thing going back in time to when you first read a book. In remembering my past I remembered how difficult it was for me to learn to like to read, how long and arduous the path was but also how amazing it felt. From struggling to read a single page to falling in love with comics or picking up my first non-fiction book the experience was not only hard but rewarding. To convert those emotions and memory onto paper, however, is always a challenge and my literacy narrative shows that; it was not easy capturing those moments with words. The more lax writing style was very helpful and allowed me to be more creative. I think, given more time, I will be able to better portray those feelings. Overall it was a very interesting and challenging experience that I’m excited to see develop further in the semester.

I think this is a good line: “I used to hate books.”


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  1. 1. The controlling idea of this paper is that not everybody has a positive experience learning to read. When it is a difficult task, as it is to many, there are alternate routes to take such as graphic novels, getting read to, and receiving extra help.
    2. It is extremely interesting that what actually hooked him to reading was graphic novels; not only was he able to read these but actually enjoyed that. This idea perfectly relates to the topic of this class.
    3. More about why he enjoyed the graphic novel as this was a positive experience with reading.
    4. Neither of us had a completely positive experience with reading- not enjoying the task and needing extra help in this subject area. Though it might not always seem like it, this is something that is okay to admit and accept.


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