The Latest in Military Technology: Fidget Spinners

As I was pondering what to use for my Sunday sketch I looked down at what was in my hand: a fidget spinner. The idea didn’t strike immediately but I knew I wanted to use the spinner in some way. It was then that my sub-conscience picked up the sound of a passing helicopter and I quickly converted that into a sketch. I’m not the greatest at drawing helicopters so I was a little hesitant to choose them as my subject but I decided to challenge myself. I used cartoon images of helicopters as a reference and worked from there. I chose to add people to the helicopters to make the picture a little more interesting than simply two helicopters flying around. One struggle I encountered was how to show the helicopters were flying. I was first going to show them flying over some town or land but couldn’t figure out the perspective and details to I chose to use clouds to indicate that they were flying. I really enjoyed this assignment and had a lot of fun thinking of ideas.

Link to the assignment here: Sunday Sketch Assignment


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