2/22/18 In-class writing

Art Spiegelman was quoted as saying, “The comix I like, and try to do, can be read slowly and often…I try to make every panel count and sometimes work as long as a month on a page…I’m excited about the ‘secret language’ of comics- the underlying formal elements that create the illusions”

It is clear to see Mr.Spiegelman’s attention to detail in chapter 3 of Maus II. Every panel is important and carries huge significance, not only for the page but for the story. The way he illustrates makes each panel speak to the next. It’s clear to see that he spends immense amounts of time figuring out the ideal layout and design for each panel and how it fits into the greater narrative as well as how it fits in with its neighbors. By varying everything from line weight to speech bubbles he creates more than a pleasing panel, he makes a complete page.


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